Luis Benshimol ha visto esta entrada - Two New Exhibitions of Yayoi Kusama in David Zwirner Gallery

Yayoi Kusama arrives with two new works to New York, specifically in Zwirnes Gallery in order to show the Festival of Live and the Infinite Networks. Both exhibitions present 66 painting of Kusama’s Eternal Soul, a new big-scale flower structure, a polka-dotted ambiance and two rooms with infinite mirrors, ending a selection of new infinite networks.

Covering the Walls with Kusama’s Soul

For the first time, the artist presents the biggest installation with painting she has ever made. It covers the four walls of the room with room-sized paintings. This series known as Eternal Soul are part of the paintings Kusama has been making since 2000, and these have been highly acclaimed.

Each one of the compositions is an innovative exploration of form, subject, and space that reflects perfectly the vitality that features the artistic work of Kusama. The abstract and figurative elements combine the impressions that offer the macro and micro universes of the artist.

Within the magic of the room of paintings, steel-made flower sculptures can be appreciated from a perspective. They have the characteristic colors of its variety with exaggerated positions horizontally oriented, promoting the dualism in her work regarding the organic and artificial aspects.


Furthermore, two rooms of infinite mirrors will make their debut. Visitors will see through openings and they will have an experience outside of the room, appreciating color-changing mini light bulbs that reveal a hexagonal pattern. There will also be steel spheres, installed from the floor to the ceiling in a series fashion, where the face of the one looking will be reflected.

Another room that can experience profundity from within with steel spheres installed from the floor, having as a result a game of reflections between the circular borders and the mirrors surrounding the room.

The exhibition Infinity Net is the most recent work of the artist. Part of the series that had its beginning in New York’s 50s when abstract expressionism was a predominant style. These canvases present a radical exit due to the way they are carefully painted with networks of monochromatic fillings.

Kusama’s Eternal Art

The work of the artist has gone beyond traditional art, going through movements of the second half of the 20th century, from Pop Art to Minimalism.

Born in 1929 in Japan. Kusama began her art studies in Kyoto to the move to New York in the 50s. She there started her painting big-scale work known as infinite networks during the whole decade. Then, she applied her obsessive work of three dimensions of hallucinating images.


In a particular way, in a utopic and sensorial sense, her work is presents in all known modalities. They are impregnated with her personal touch that allows that profound connection with international audiences around the world. Yayoi Kusama has achieved throughout her artistic career the breaking of traditional barriers between the work, the artist, and the spectator.

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