Luis Benshimol ha visto esta entrada - The works of Carlos Cruz Diez will be present in the streets of Miami

Carlos Cruz Diez’s new work can be found on the walkways that guide to the Coral Gables Museum. This installation is being set during Art Week Miami and, thus, kinetic art takes the streets of Miami for a week.

Living Art Within The City

The proposal was well received by the most important referent of kinetic art in the world Carlos Cruz Diez. He showed his sympathy to the fact of putting his work and photographs of his installations on the streets of the crowed city at the Southern part of the United States of America. His art will guide pedestrians to Coral Gables Museum from November 2017 until late January 2017.

Globally acclaimed by his kinetic work and his chromatic studies of color, Carlos Cruz Diez has made interventions in urban spaces using color specters that create illusionary effects and new chromatic ambiances. Apart from guiding the walkways to the cultural center, many banners will be placed on the second and third floor of the City Hall and these will give a vibrant aspect to the city due to the use of light green, orange, blue, and purple.


The Venezuelan referent seeks to change the pedestrians’ experiences with color with these interventions through the prism of vibrantly-painted walkways that are strategically placed in many cities and states of the world.

People expect to have a transformation in the city by changing each one’s daily experience. This work is to be carried out by Art Basel and Miami Art Week, institutions that will show Carlos Cruz Diez’s work.  His work is aimed at presenting to the color an autonomous reality that evolves within time and space.

Chroma in Art Week Miami

The Chroma sample will be exhibited in various places of the Miami Beach Pavilion from the front door during Art Week. It will explore the general and conceptual aspects of Cruz Diez’s work. Furthermore, there will be an outdoor installation in order to set a dialogue with public space: a strategy of the artist to invite the spectators to be part of his experience with color within his routine.

The work of the master of Kinetic art, apart from his unique aesthetic, tries to attire completely the spectators in the artist’s chromatic ambiances. In this world objects deliver a profound experience, a world of feelings through the prism of color.

This is a work is delivered thanks to SCAD Museum of Art and the Fundación de arte Cruz Diez. This exhibition of Carlos Cruz Diez presents new explorations regarding color and three new documentaries that go through the artist’s life and career.

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