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Pace London is pleased to present the Impulse exhibition: a collective sample that explores American Abstractionism between the 60s and the 70s with unprecedented experimental works in pure colors with improvisation techniques, as well as paintings with sculpture potential.

The Radical Decade of Abstract Painting

The 60s and the 70 are considered as a radical period in the American abstractionism history. It is an emerging movement that came from expressionism that dominated in the 50s. Impulse explores this movement and the actors that demonstrate the progression of free forms and paramount innovation of the rupture of the abstract during that period with the works of:

  • Frank Bowling
  • Ed Clark
  • Sam Gilliam
  • Morris Louis
  • Kenneth Noland

Impulse shows how each one of them experimented with new techniques aimed at pressuring abstract language beyond painting. It is not common that this work is exhibited in the United Kindom. These artists have a renewed appreciation since they are participating in important exhibitions of other modern art galleries.

Also, this sample shows the work of all these artists together, especially those who were known as “comrades.” This sample will reveal how the artists share their ideas and develop new methods and techniques parallely among themselves.


For some of them Jazz was a big source of inspiration and also an allegory of how they worked. This can be seen in the early experimental practices of some of the artists of this exhibition. Noland usually called thed as the new modernist associates by binding this period of time with music. “What was new was the idea of something like painting can be something you listened to,” Kenneth Nolan once stated.

The curators for this sample were Tamara Corm, executive director of Pace London, Amelie von Wedel, and Pernilla Holmes from Wedel Art. This exhibition will be opened to the public from November 3rd to 22nd Decembern in Burlington Gardens.

Torwards Pure Abstractionism

The works of Noland tell the story of his process of detaching himself from any personal vestige in the expressions in favor of abstractionism with strong borders. Also, along with Clark, they gave form to canvases with unconventional shapes as color vehicles.

Noland also made one of the first exhibitions of racial integration in America, where he showed with Gillian the potential of color in the post-abstractionism era during the Luxe Show. Furthermore, both of them highlighted the superiority of color by using accrilics in their paintings.


Indo is one of the remarked works of the exhibition created by Noland in the late 70s. It is a canvas that reveals the emotional effect and the potential of the expressive effects of color and shape. Noland presents potencially abstract objectives by articulating the shapes in an aparently inintelligible way.

The other piece of Nolan that is present in the Impulse sample is Egyptian Criptic: another canvas with irregular forms at the borders that does not ignore the antiquity of Egypt that conveys a message of this civilization by using abstractionism as vehicle.




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