Luis Benshimol ha visto esta entrada - More Nominees for EFG Latin American Art Award

The EFG Latin America Art Award, partnered with digital art magazine ArtNexus, announces more nominees for the best Latino artist award picked from the most prestigious art festivals of the region.

Just One More to End The Nomination Process

The nominees were chosen by important art fairs that took place in Latin America such as the following:

  • arteBA, Buenos Aires
  • SP Arte, Sao Paulo
  • Art Lima, Lima
  • ACO, Santiago de Chile
  • ArtBo, Bogotá

The last announced nominee was Joaquín Sánchez from Santiago de Chile’s Patricia Ready gallery. The selection was made by curator Cecilia Fajardo, and Celia Sredni de Birgragher, editor and publicist of ArtNexus, representing the prize in Ch. ACO, Santiago de Chile.

Vivian Caccuri, from Sao Paulo’s Leme Gallery, was nominated due to her work Pagode Atade, 2017 in SP Arte art fair. She was picked in collaboration between Dr. Julia Buenaventura and Sredni representing the award.

Also, the Chilean Alberto Borea, from Isabel Animat Gallery,was picked in Art Lima due to his work entitled Arqueologías II, 2009-2016. In this opportunity, Octavio Zaya made the nomination with the editor of the ArtNexus magazine.


Last but not least, the Venezuelan Jaime Gili, from (bis) Projects Office Gallety, Cali, was nominated due to his work GuarimB Wall 2017: two combined canvases with digital printings in outdoors paper that belongs to a series of varied dimensions. This nominee was picked by Miguel López, main curator of TEOR/éTica, and Celia Sredni de Bribragher in order to certify the EFG Latin America Art Award in the Argentinian art fair.

The selected work has Caracas as scenario in the times of massive demonstrations. It overlaps two oil-painted canvases with geometric representations, contrasting the black and white of the photograph.

The EFG Latin America Art Award was created to support Latin American artists whose works were preselected via scrutiny of a jury who had studies the process of 5 contemporary artists during a year. This award aims at promoting the production or visual arts of the region and at increasing the awareness about regional art fairs and worldwide art collectors.

After the nomination process, the winner will be announces in the Pinta Miami Festival during the Art Basel Week, an event that will take place on December at that has been attraction the attention of the region.

Pinta Miami

In 2017, this festival reaches its 11th edition with a lot of expectation after its success last year. It had an assistance record of 30.000 visitors thanks to its programming. Under the name of Crossing Cultures, this festival is expected to present the best of modern and contemporary art, as well as the international and interdisciplinary aspects.


he fair will present Pinta Platforms, under the work of the curator Roc Laseca. This feature is conceived to provide additional visibility to art contributions. This innovative project is presented as a group of cabinets aimed at highlighting an artist and it is a unique chance that gallerists have to expose their artists in a different way.

Taking into account the fact that Latin American art is trendy in the world, the fair will include two special sections in art galleries for Argentina and Peru.

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