Luis Benshimol ha visto esta entrada - MoMA presents a new collection called The Long Rub

A new exhibition called The Long Run shows the challenging innovations and the well-thought reconsideration of various artists from the half of their careers until the end. It demonstrates that creativity and experimentation does not stop after in an artist’s best moments in their career.

The longest exhibition

This presentation that takes places in the fourth floor collection galleries’ spaces and it focuses exclusively on those works made from half of the ending of the artist’s careers.

It starts on the late 60s until nowadays. The installation is like the story of continuous experimentation, challenging inventions, and reflective reconsideration that marks uniquely the careers of the artists. This exhibition represents, long after the artists had their best moments, the description of this difficult stage that is difficult to explain and to put into words but in the magic of colors and forms there is a way.


The jewels of this sample are the works of well-known artists as well as a discovery of those key works of less-known artists. The exhibition manages to offer another façade of art history until the end of the century.

All the art pieces belong to the MoMA collection. It includes works of artists such as:

  • Lee Bontecou
  • Louise Bourgeois
  • Melvin Edwards
  • Gego
  • Philip Guston
  • David Hammons
  • Jasper Johns
  • Joan Jonas
  • Elizabeth Murray
  • Georgia O´Keeffe
  • Gerhard Richter
  • Frank Stella, among others

The exhibition was inaugurated on November 11th and it will be on until November 4th 2018. The Long Run was organized by curator Paulina Pobocha and Cara Manes, assistant curator of MoMA’a Department of Painting and Sculpture.

A revealed portrait in the MoMA

The exhibition collides with Louise Bourgeois’ sample: An Unfolding Portrait. It explores the paintings, the books, and creative processes of this acclaimed sculptor. This sample shows the not-so-known part of her work. It is a vast and extense sample that has at least 1200 printed compositions made within the last years of her life. Furthermore, there is early work of her career in the 40s.


The Museum of Modern Art has an outstanding archive of her material that highlights the work of the collection along those rare borrows that were brought for this exhibition. In the Museum’s Atrium an special installation of the artist was set, without missing her cells and spiders.




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