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From 11th October to 14th October the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum will transform its external façade into a sensorial experience thanks to the projection of Reflections. This will celebrate two decades of art among the citizens of Bilbao and its visitors.

Reflecting How Art Changes Everything

Reflections will close with the celebration of 20 years of art. This spectacle offers 20 minutes of music, light, and images in a sort of big scale mapping made to give a unique sensorial experience to the public.

This is an open and free show that had the collaboration of Bilbao’s city hall and the Foral Deputation of Biskaia and Iberdrola. This show will also have 4 continuous passes during four nights, which estimates a presence of more than two hundred thousand spectators, fulfilling the with of sharing this celebration with all the people.

By the means of technology, Reflections will make the Museum’s facades canvases that will project animations created exclusively for this celebration. Thus, this institution will help in the cultural transformation of Bilbao.

For a 20-minute period, the public will witness of the birth of this building from early times. Frank Gehry’s work will let the public appreciate the calculus process of the impossible curves and the variations of the titanium skin developed with the informatics program called Catia: a famous program in the aeronautic industry.

Furthermore, the interest of the architect when it comes to light and its way of capturing it will be appreciated through the prisms of random curves, texture, and movement transforming the architectural work in a light and color celebration that no citizen or visitor of Bilbao would dare to miss.

The highlighted works of the external part of the building will play a paramount role regarding transformations, while Anish Kappor’s El gran árbol y el ojo, and Louise Bourgeois’ giant spider Mamá will project a gigantic shadow on the building during the mapping.

The colorful Puppy of Jeff Koons will show its flowers over its surface. In the artist’s words, it is such a pleasure to see his work covering all over the museum with this projection in a sort of mutual homage.

The makers of this projection are the video creators of 59 Productions. The managed to transform into a canvas the organic forms of titanium the slim glass atrium among original music.

Reflections close an intense program in its celebration of two decades of cultural transformation thanks to Guggenheim Bilbao Museum. This celebration will be packed with music, mapping, photography, and video from the artistry of its protagonists in events such as:

  • Chasmata: with music composed by Ángel Arranz and José López- Montes, with a message of Paolo Nespoli, a European austronaut who will send a message from the International Space Station.
  • Soy de Bilbao: a homage video of five artists closely bound to the Museum, who wanted to congratulate the institution in a funny way. Frank Gehry, Richard Serra, Jeff Koons, Jenny Holzer, and David Hockney, artists whose exhibitions have marked the museum and appeal in a funny way Bilbao citizen’s pride.

20 years, 20 exhibitions

Since the opening, Guggenheim Bilbao hosted 165 exhibitions (that means a new one every six weeks). We now present the 20 best exhibitions ever presented until today:

  1. The Guggenheim Museums and this century’s art (19th October 1997- 1st June 1998): this exhibition opened the museum. It had a selection of over 250 works of the 20th century that came from the funds of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and the museum.
  2. Today’s European Art (5th April 1998- 20th December 1999): a sample that showed the search of ways of expression such as the arte povera. The artists included in their workd tridimensional works with non-conventional materials (organic, industrial, and of daily use).
  3. 20th century avant-gardes and expressionism (19th November 1998- 14th February 1999): this exhibition confirmed that expressionism is a tendency that revives and adapts itself to the new contemporary contexts.
  4. The tower wounded by the lightning. The impossible as a goal (1st February 2000- 7th May 2000): this exhibition explores human’s efforts to break the limits, their will of breaking the walls of the impossible, the only thing artists believe that are the goals worth achieving.
  5. Amazons of the avant-garde (13th June 2000- 27th August 2000): this samples explores Russian art of the avant-garde. The artists who worked in a radical cultural factory explained this aspect; they took into account their own character.
  6.  Calder: The gravity and the grace (18th March 2003- 12th October 2003): kinetic art was the next stage for sculpture for this artist. He changed what the idea people had about this kind of art by putting in abstract structures a new and radical alternative.
  7. Bill Viola. Temporality and Transcendence (24th June 2004- 30th January 2005): the exhibition was a thematic exploration to the work of the pioneer of using video in art through his most important installations.
  8. Mark Rothko. Walls of light. (8th of June 2004- 24th October 2004): this is a representative selection of the paintings of all the creative phases of this artist, as a sort of tribute to one of the most importer pioneers of American post-war art and a brilliant representative of Abstract Expressionism.
  9. From Impressionism to Abstract Art (13th November 2004- 30th January 2005): the exhibition analyses the changes undergone by the avant-garde movement from late 19th century to early 20th century.
  10.  Art from 1945. Evolution, diversity, and dialogue (13th November 2004- 30th January 2005). The exhibition shows how post-war artists made New York the center of the artistic avant-garde and of Abstract Expressionism with their vast color fields and gestural spontaneity.
  11. A tribute to Chillida (5th April 2006- 11th June 2006): since his first exhibition in museums such as the Bilbao Guggenheim, a retrospective of Eduardo Chillida was presented. The exhibition was aimed at showing with his “tributes” dedicated to artists he was linked; these “tributes” count more than 80 sculptures, 50 stamps, and two drawings.
  12. Palazuelo. Work process (14th March 2007- 3rd June 2007): a retrospective whose main point was on works never published or ignored by the artist.
  13. Borderline (20th May 2008- 5th October 2008). The exhibition showed the works labeled as “exceptional” by the minimalist and the post-minimalist artist of the museum’s collection presenting the line as an essential base of the artistic form.
  14. Cai Guo-Qiang (17th March 2009- 20th September 2009): this retrospective exhibition goes through changing and multimedia art of this artist, who has worked with the artistic conventions accepted nowadays by inspiring himself in various topics that range from mythology to military history.
  15. Anish Kapoor (16th March 2010- 12th October 2010): the sample collected various monumental series that reflect the interest of the artist of exploring the relationship between the spectator and the objects present in a space by using tactile or high reflect materials.
  16. Pictorial Abstraction, 1949-1969. Selections from Guggenheim Collections (14th June 2011- 8th January 2012): this exhibition is dedicated to the Informal Art that was born after the post-war as a form of rebellion to artists of previous generations. These works were a sort of political liberation.
  17. Ernesto Neto. The body that guides me. (14th February 2014- 18th May 2014): this was an exhibition in which the artist made a place for the spectator to find in art a home. He also mentions that “no to think is good, it’s breathing from life.”
  18. Richard Serra. The matter of Time (1st January 2015- 31st December 2015): the exhibition made out of 7 sculptures of the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum that united to the Snake installed permanently in the Frank O. Gehry room, the biggest of the museum. This space offers a vertiginous and unforgettable sensation of space in movement to the spectator.
  19. Louise Bourgeois. Exposition (18th March 2016- 4th September 2016): this exhibition was the biggest presentation of a series of works known as Cells that present individual micro cosmoses, separating the internal world from the external one. Bourgeois created spaces with objects she found: scenography with a sentimental weight.
  20. Abstract Expressionism (3rd February 2017- 4th June 2017): this exhibition shows for the first time an important sample of this movement, presenting more than 130 paintings, sculptures, and photographs. These works summarize the masterpieces of the most important representatives of this movement.

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