Luis Benshimol ha visto esta entrada - Erwin Redl’s Whiteout Shines Madison Square Park With Its LED Lights

Madison Square Park Conservancy presents its 35th exhibition: Erwin Redl’s Whiteout. This is an art project that shows a luminous white carpet made out of LED lights over the oval park’s grass.

A Park With Lights On The Grass

Whiteout is made of hundreds of white transparent spheres of white LED lights, embedded and suspended from a steel rack with pulleys and cables. These spheres sway gently with the wind from their position (30 cm from the ground).

Redl will create a computer system with a wavy pattern around his job slowly formed from north to south and vice versa. The light sequence will have an incandescent treatment of urban public space that will be present from late fall to early winter.


The artist uses white because it is often associated with light but he also portrays the images through the prism of repetitions and kinetic movements. Regarding this aspect, Redl stated: “I am intrigued about the option of a big scale installation that does not focus the limits of virtual and real. The physics of the spheres’ balance among abstract animation of the embedded white lights allows the public to explore a new hybrid reality in a urban space.”

Erwin Red is known for the creation of breath-taking projects of lights in buildings’ facades. He was largely inspired by Fred Sanback’s minimalist concept. His work has been included in Bienial Whitney and he was one of the four artists that created the work of 2015’s Bloomberg Philantrophies Public Art Challenge.

Madison Square Park Conservancy

This outdoor installation will be the 35th hosted by the Madison Square Park Conservancy. It was organized by Brooke Kamin Rapaport as director, Martin Friedman as main curator, Julia Friedman as manager of the Madison Square Art, and Tom Reidy as chief of projects.

The park has a 6.2-acre extension that welcomes more than 60.000 visitors and residents each day. This space will be used for Redl’s installation: a project based on how light impacts within space making a tremendous interpretation of the oval area during this period of short days of the year. Visitors will appreciate the elegance of Whiteout from the paths that surround the place.

Maddison Square Conservancy celebrates a series of exhibitions of sculptures made by various international artists in order to give more cultural programs to New York City’s public.

From its beginnings, this has been a world-class initiative, whose ambition grows every year as well as the diversity of innovating artists of the art world.


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