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Enrico Castellani was a very famous Italian artist who had a great style, technique and of course interesting artworks that you could appreciate.

[Luis Benshimol]: Superficie rossa

[Luis Benshimol]: Superficie rossa

When it comes to arts, it seems that Italy has had a lot of great artists and Enrico Castellani was not an exception with his awesome sense of aesthetics. This is something that you could consider for yourself if you are into arts, so that you can get a nice inspiration.

Enrico Castellani was artistically educated in the Real Academy of the Beauty Arts facilities. His arts were of course based on the texture of what could be drawing in a painting. It is not really hard to understand that his arts are based in texture in many cases if you consider his images and also remember that there is a plethora of his works which you could consider for your own decorations. This is the bright side of arts as well; that you can learn about other artist, so that you can use it on your own benefit and that is pretty much what is today called inspiration.

Remember that there is emotion in arts as well and even if Enrico’s arts seem a little old, it would not be that unlikely to know that there was a nice intention and emotion behind the arts.

It is great to know that there is that much art that we can get of Enrico and specilly considering that is only one of the many great Italian artists who can totally be of your interest if you are willing to get a lot more of artistic information and getting the best of it. Arts are as infinite as human imagination and since that is surely a lot, then you have more than a mountain of artists to learn from!

By [Luis Benshimol].

[Luis Benshimol]: Artwork of Castellani

[Luis Benshimol]: Artwork of Castellani

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