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This Christmas

More than a hundred drawings by this architect who passed away in 2013 are being exhibited in one of the most important museums of Contemporary Art of New York CityMoMA. These works are full of colors and interesting compositional proposals that will be available for New Yorkers and all the audience until January 3rd of next year.

Luis Benshimol: Clorindo Testa

Luis Benshimol: Clorindo Testa

The Department of Architecture and Design from the museum was in charge of organizing this artistic exhibition. The same one is characterized by its powerful visual content and the brilliant plastic solutions that Testa used in a way to show and capture the essence of his artistic works. They will be exhibited in the atriums called “Donald B.” and “Catherin C. Marron”.

An outstanding artist

Testa is the same man that is behind of huge buildings such as The National Library of New York and The London Bank. In the 50’s the architect participated in a governmental study that wanted to apply some techniques of Urban Modernism in the Argentinean suburb called Avellaneda.

Clorindo Testa decided to continue this project and made a mosaic of 107 pieces that showed these concepts: inhabit, to circulate, to work, to recreate. The concepts were depicted through the fictional recreation of the daily activities of a child.

Big cities; its problems

From the perspective of an architect and artist, he manifested an interesting aesthetic proposal of confined spaces. Also, he showed how the composition of the oppressive aspects of the drawings and colors could tell the story of many citizens of all big cities. With this kind of stories, people could realize that their problems with every little detail in that space are far away of being solved.

Luis Benshimol: London Bank

Luis Benshimol: London Bank

Although his works are not popular yet, people who can visit the MoMA this Christmas are going to have the opportunity of knowing the work of this artist until the first days of next year.

By [Luis Benshimol].

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