Luis Benshimol ha visto esta entrada - Luis Benshimol: Clorindo Testa at the MoMA

More than 100 panels of drawings were shown at the Museum of Modern Arts in New York City, (MoMA). The work of the Italian-born architect was praised and admired by many locals and tourists until the past January 3rd 2017.

Luis Benshimol - MOMA

Testa, originally from Italy, but raised and educated in Argentina, is one of the most important architects of the XX century, responsible for big and important edifications all over the city of Buenos Aires, such as the Public Library, the Cámara de Construcción, Hospital Naval, Auditorium de la Paz, and the Banco de Londres.

Luis Benshimol - Biblioteca Nacional

Clorindo Testa was also one of the first graduates from the Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo of Buenos Aires (FADU), his buildings are an example of his artistic influence, shown through color, shape and use of space.

MoMA’s department of Architecture and Design was in charge of showing (in 100 pieces) a journey through life. And although his artistic work is not well known in America, MoMa gave the opportunity to its visitors to discover a new side to the legacy left by this important architect with an artistic vein.

Luis Benshimol - MOMA

The exhibition will be full of color and life, two features that perfectly define his style.

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