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Alejandro Otero was a Venezuelan artist expert in doing drawings, paintings, sculptures and also writing. He was born in a region from Venezuela: Bolivar, on March the 7th  in 1921, and died in 1990, on August the 13th in the capital city: Caracas. He, as other artitsts, lived some years in France and was influenced by the culture and the artistic style that was predominant at that moment.

Luis Benshimol: Alejandro Otero's Work

Luis Benshimol: Alejandro Otero’s Work

A young and talented man

His talent was shown since very young; he became a teacher even when he was still a student, and gave art lessons to children. The most important teacher for him was definitely Antonio Edmundo Monsanto, who taught him about Cezanne. Otero could feel almost the presence of this French artist in his work, and he could understand him and his technique and integrate it with his own technique.

In those years he tried

  • Landscapes
  • Drawings and paintings from traditional forms of the environment
  • Human figures, shapes, and nudity
  • Also self-portraits

Two of his works like “Paisaje de Los Flores de Catia”  (1941) and his “Autorretrato” (1943) demonstrate his change regarding his thinking about color.

Luis Benshimol: Alejandro Otero

Luis Benshimol: Alejandro Otero

Discovering the abstraction

He started to think about lines; the most important lines of objects to let only the essence of them. He discovered he was closer to architected topics, and he decided to collaborate with Carlos Raul Villanueva in his project: “Síntesis de las Artes Mayores”, in La Ciudad Universitaria.

He won awards like the “Premio Nacional de Pintura” and his name became popular.

However, he was a controversial man because of the things he said on the newspapers. His way of thinking weren’t innovative for that moment. For example, he was defending the abstractionist artists’ role in a country that evidently was more popular all the figuration techniques.

His sculptures were presented in:

  • Venezuela,
  • United States,
  • and France.

By [Luis Benshimol].

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