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Lygia Clark is a Brazilian artist from the last century that left a huge mark in art history with her particular way of seeing artsShe knew that it wasn’t that important having the title of “artist” for actually doing art.

Luis Benshimol: Lygia Clark's Artwork

Luis Benshimol: Lygia Clark’s Artwork

She abandoned arts, that is to say, she left the fancy word “artist” behind and started to be a therapist and to have an interpretative way of thinking about human beings and arts. She thought that in art, the object shouldn’t be so important like many other artists try to make people see their artworks. The real issue was the connection between the person and the artistic work.

She wanted that art would be the action of the audience taking part of it. The audience must participate and touch it, and be part of the object.

Abandoning art

Luis Benshimol: Lygia Clark's Work

Luis Benshimol: Lygia Clark’s Work

Lygia Clark was an important artist influenced by Constructivism and the Bauhaus. In her early years, she produced geometric paintings and Constructivist-influenced sculptures. Also, she co-founded, with other artists, the Neo- Concrete movement.

Her latest works continue to investigate sensory perception.

People watching the Artwork, must be part of it and feel it and have sensations thanks to it. She wanted that her work in art produced a sensation in viewers’ minds. Clark wanted to know what thoughts people had when they were seeing her work. To conclude, she wanted a real connection between her work and people.

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