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If you want to learn about the interesting possibilities that there are in terms of arts, then you should see Carlos Cruz-Diez, this artist is surely interesting to consider because he does have a very nice style and he surely has a good way to express himself in an artistic sense!

You may want to see the artistic chromosaturation chamber where everything looks very interestingly because the colors saturated! This may look like something made in Photoshop, an edition through a computer program, but in fact, this is a place that you can visit and take pictures.

[Luis Benshimol]: Artwork

[Luis Benshimol]: Artwork

This artist has a museum under his name which is of course the museum Carlos Cruz-Diez.

This artist had the opportunity of traveling to Europe when he was improving his arts and this was a great experience because there he was able to get the father the op art whose name Victor Vasarely.

If you are into arts, then you will want to see all of the works that Carlos Cruz-Diez has been able to create. You can see how interesting are the optical illusions he created. You can get fascinated with the many possibilities that art offers and chances are that you want to see how these arts are not only impressive for people who are artists, but for people who are not. It is easy to keep an eye on these pictures because of the interesting effect and illusion that it actually creates.

Do not be that surprise if you suddenly start seeing a little distorted when you see anything else after watching these pictures for a long time. In a way or another idea is to create something like an optical illusion and you can be sure that you can expand you artistic mind after learning about artist like this one.

[Luis Benshimol]: Carlos Cruz-Diez

[Luis Benshimol]: Carlos Cruz-Diez

This Venezuelan artist is great and you can learn more about his works on the web since he totally had other great works to share with you!

By [Luis Benshimol].

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